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PRAAN Draco Dragon Charm

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Once upon a time, on a snow-capped mountain, there lived a little dragon named Drago. Drago was small with purple scales and bright red eyes. He was playful, affectionate, kind, and loved to have fun. Drago lived happily with his dragon family in a cozy cave.

One day, Drago sneaked out of the cave to play in the forest. He chased butterflies and played hide-and-seek with the squirrels. But Drago got lost. He looked around, but all he could see were tall trees. He felt scared and lonely.

Suddenly, Drago heard a cry coming from a bush. He flew over and found a baby deer trapped under a fallen branch. Drago used his dragon magic to burn the branch away, freeing the deer. The deer was so grateful and thanked Drago for saving him.

Drago dragon charm is made from sterling Both eyes are embedded with red cubic zirconia stones, indicating the dragon’s personality. Drago‘s character represents friendliness and care.


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