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Melina Satyros

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Satyros’ are Greek mythical creatures, forest demons, they are men with horse legs and tail accompanying wine-god Dionysus and chasing nymphs and maenads. Lots of pictures from Ancient Greece depict mature satyrs as being strongly built with flat noses, large pointed ears, long curly hair, and full beards, with wreaths of vine or ivy circling their heads, and there are very often pictured with a small flute. The flute shows the deep connection with nature, the soft whistle of the wind, the sound of gurgling water of the crystal spring, the birds singing, or perhaps it represent the singing of a melody from a human soul that aspire higher feelings. As Dionysiac creatures, they are lovers of wine and women, and they are ready for every physical pleasure. That is the reason why they are almost always depicted with an erect penis, they represent the animal inside, the unrestrained, the basic needs of joy. Therefore, they were also very popular creatures. There were plays made in their honour and they were celebrated at every opportunity. The Romans also had their own version of Satyros called Faun (Faunus). Even in our time, Satyros is a strong symbol of masculinity and the erotic in man and in life in general.


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