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Mars Madhouse

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Mars invites us to awaken a desire for spiritual knowledge. Mars, dry, fiery, and masculine by nature, is the 4th planet from the Sun and one of the smallest in our solar system, shining with a bright red hue in our sky. Astrologists identify Mars's energy as active, hot, egocentric, and muscular.

Embody Mars to develop determination, quick mental activity, and strong leadership qualities. Mars promises you a chance at everything you desire in every arena of life. Mars represents obsession, success, experience, the karmic cycle of birth and death, and reincarnation.

In the world of love Mars rules over sexual energy and desire, physical attraction and chemistry. It is the planet of action, not reaction. Trust the influence of Mars, don't contemplate, but instead jump right into whatever you are doing. If you can harness this planet's energy properly, it can propel you into productive action.


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