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Love Trap

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She is beautiful.
She is cunning.
She is hungry.
She is waiting.

Her eyesight may be poor, but she is sensitive to the slightest movement or vibration. Her spinnerets produce several kinds of silk, sticky silk for trapping prey, fine silk for wrapping captives, and elastic silk that she can safely walk upon to weave her ethereal web.

First, she creates a fine adhesive thread and sets it free in the faint breeze bridging the wide gap between branches. As it sticks at the far end, she tightens her end like a fishing line and strengthens it with more silken strands. With artful skill, she patiently interlaces her intricate, delicate, transparent trap.

Her fangs are ready to inject a paralyzing venom. As dinner arrives, she senses the rippling vibration of its struggle and moves quickly to wrap and secure her morsel in a silvery cocoon of inescapable silk. She cannot digest solid food and drinks her lunch like the sleek, dark vampire she is.

When a smaller male approaches, she may choose to acknowledge and tolerate him as a suitor. He moves carefully and courts her elaborately as falling in love with this dangerous lady is often fatal.
She is a cannibal, often devouring her mates or weaker siblings, yet she wraps her eggs in sturdy silken sacks and guards them fiercely. She is a femme fatale, a fickle lover, an evil sister, and a cruel mistress, but she is a good mother—the best.

OHM celebrates this complex lady vampire. The first web-designer ready to catch the beautiful, painful, thrilling, many-faceted aspects of a complicated love. LOVE TRAP is an intricate open silver web heart-shaped and ready as the lady herself hangs waiting beneath it.

Are you the unsuspecting victim of love’s entanglements? Or are you the mistress of your destiny, casting your silken threads to the breeze and owning your strengths and choices?
Here comes love; take a bite!


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