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EU OHMbeads

Exploding Bamboo (2-Tone)

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Includes one solid 14k gold firecracker for luck and good fortune. The firecracker's predecessor was a type of dry bamboo that exploded when heated continuously, used around 200 BC to scare off evil spirits, including the human-eating monster Nian. The Chinese name for firecrackers is "exploding bamboo."
After the invention of gunpowder in 9th century China, the new gunpowder firecrackers still looked and sounded a lot like the old "exploding bamboo" version. Today, Chinese firecrackers are made of cardboard or plastic in the good luck colors of red and gold; but, the key to a really loud, satisfying explosion is still the pressure. The tighter the firecracker is packed, the bigger the bang!
Firecrackers are now popular worldwide, despite restrictions for safety. They have exploded in celebration of Diwali in India, Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, Bastille Day in France, Halloween in Ireland, and Independence Day in the USA.
In China, it's traditional during the first three days of the New Year for people to compete in firecracker contests. Chinese New Year parades and dances are all accompanied by the pop of explosions -- and children squealing with delight -- and colorful strands of fireworks are hung like decorations from houses and businesses for good fortune.
Celebrate your favorite holiday, or whatever occasion, by adding our OHM Exploding Bamboo to your bracelet. This strand of silver firecrackers will jingle and dangle deliciously from your wrist (they won't explode). Spice up your jewelry with movement, sparkle, eye-catching pleasure, and a year of good luck.
It might scare those evil spirits away too!




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