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What makes a cockatoo so cocky? That crest, of course!

This movable decor -- raised whenever a cockatoo lands from flight or otherwise gets excited -- is the distinguishing characteristic that separates cockatoos from all other parrots. Cockatoos are native to Australia, Indonesia, and Pacific regions like the Philippines; 11 of the 21 species are found only in Australia. That explains our COCKY's Aussie accent.

Australians have mixed feelings about cockatoos. Cockies are beautiful birds, popular pets, very smart, and fond of human attention; however, flocks of cockatoos can destroy fruit and nut orchards, cereal crops, vineyards, vegetable gardens, even defoliate trees in parks.

Cockies keep their powerful beaks sharp by chewing on wood, but they also chew on outdoor furniture, external wiring, TV antennae, satellite dishes, and door and window frames. They dig up sports fields and race tracks, hunting for edible roots. Also, the noise!

OHM COCKY is indeed beautiful, with an elegant erect crest and flowing tail feathers, but look in the clutches of their claws, and you'll see the remnants of some tasty electrical wiring pulled from a nearby house.

There are so many complex reasons to wear COCKY on your bracelet besides the obvious attractiveness. Maybe you love birds or Australia, or once had a cockatoo pet. Or perhaps YOU are a bit cocky yourself: beautiful, bright, but oh sooo bad!


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