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EU OHMbeads

BEADMAIL NO. 33 Star Crystals

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What if you allowed the stars to lead you? Just like the deep and rich hues of an orange and garnet sunset, or a ruby red sunrise encircled by the brightest pinks, the stars above the heavens evoke a sense of passion and determination to guide us along our paths. What if you surrendered to the universe in hope of guidance, drawing solace from the calming and introspective nature of a lavender field? Amethyst dew sparkles as dappled rays break through the foreboding clouds, inviting you to trust the cosmic flow.

People have traditionally believed the stars possess the power to influence fate, much like the fiery energy and vitality found in a crystal. See that twinkle? Notice that sparkle? It's the excitement and joy you experience when you're inspired by a sense of youthful optimism.
What is luck, you wonder? Are you a believer, finding solace like those who immerse themselves in the serene and ethereal shades of a purely colorless crystal, embracing its mystical aura? Can you trust and have faith in something bigger than yourself? Are the stars attempting to communicate with you? Their ancient light carries messages, just as secrets are hidden within the multifaceted tones of life, waiting to be revealed.

The stars above have been present for quite some time, guiding humans with their steadfast paths. Don't forget to wish upon a star, allowing the magic of their essence to infuse your life with that special starry quality, making you feel alive and profoundly connected to the universe in every conceivable way.


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