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Kangaroos have been a vital part of Australian Aboriginal life for 60,000 years, the oldest continuous living culture on Earth.

Kangaroos provided meat, pelts, bone, and tendons for Aboriginal survival, and the animal carried great spiritual significance as the Creator Spirit of Life. Kangaroo tracks became the navigational "songlines" of the landscape, and the elders would sing to the land and receive wisdom and guidance through the Dreamtime.

The thump of a kangaroo hop vibrates across the landscape, and new life springs up in the tracks of its songlines.

The kangaroo has become the national symbol of Australia. "Roos," as is the nickname, appear on the Australian coat of arms, our money, the roundel of the Royal Australian Air Force, and on many Australian business logos. Think Australia, and you think Kangaroos.

Our hopping KangarOHM embodies the spiritual importance of this totem with their Aboriginal markings, including the symbol for kangaroo tracks, tattooed on its silver surface. With OHM leaping on your bracelet, you can celebrate Aussie national pride, as well as the Aboriginal appreciation for nature, tradition, and oneness with the land.

Follow the songlines through your dreams and learn what the spirits have to teach you.


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