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Victoriana (Retired)

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Victoriana is the love and collection of all things authentically Victorian. Our new Victoriana glass bead is beautifully nuanced in subtle shades of color -- like layers of creamy ivory, snowy lace, and iridescent shell -- touched with a pearlesque floral accent that calls to mind the elegance of a romanticized era of English high society. Your imagination might carry you to a summer garden and High Tea with rich Devonshire cream and buttered scones and the equally delicious gossip of your fashionable Victorian friends. Or, perhaps, you are sitting in the soft light of a Tiffany lamp gazing out the delicate lace curtains at a playful game of croquet as you pen your morning correspondence to a secret admirer in an era when mail was delivered seven times a day, and you changed your exquisite dresses at least three times daily, including formal dress for dinner.

Whether it’s an ivory cameo at your lace-draped throat, pearl buttons on your silk bodice or a stroll in the Sunday park with your lace parasol for shade, our Victoriana bead on your bracelet will conjure an era of elegant romance. You might even hear the distant lilt of a glorious waltz in a whirl of candlelight as you dance with that handsome Mr. Rochester at the social ball of the season. You never know. Victoriana is a powerful and beautiful thing.


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