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Zohmbie Gnome (Retired)

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How were zombies originally created? Some folks believe that a zombie is a corpse reanimated by voodoo magic. Other people swear that zombies were resurrected in a lab by mad scientists like Dr. Frankenstein. In our technologically advanced New Millennium, most folks now believe that zombies are the product of biochemical warfare, radiation, virus mutations, or a scientific accident.

Since Gnomes are already magical creatures, it only took an errant shot of human bug spray, intended to kill wasps, to turn our surprised and chemically-sensitive gnome into a brain craving fiend! Becoming undead slowed our nimble gnome down -- especially when an eye rolled out of its socket -- but gnomes are incredibly strong and completely unstoppable. Soon, our ZOHMBIE Gnome had bitten and eaten the brains of every field mouse, sparrow, cricket, and frog in the vicinity and, still hungry, he headed home to his family.

You can guess the rest. Every animal, bird, and fellow gnome that was bitten became undead too! A horde of raging little Zombie Gnomes swept across the fields and forests and headed for the human city. Some gnomes fought back with shotguns, axes, swords, and pitch forks, but the tide of zombies could not be stopped. And that is how the Zombie Apocalypse began. Yep, with gnomes!

So, wear your little Zombie Gnome as a warning to others. The time is late and it is urgent to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. The gnomes are coming!


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