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Take Me To Your Taco( retired )

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You may be greatly surprised to see our little green friends all dressed up in colorful clothing and wearing festive Mexican sombreros! Even more surprising, these happy aliens will be munching crispy tacos filled to overflowing with spicy meat, ripe tomatoes, onions, cheese, and sour cream. Yes, our Martian neighbors love to celebrate Taco Tuesday!

So, how did this tasty tradition find its way into their Martian homes? As you probably know, aliens have been secretly visiting Earth and abducting Earthlings for centuries. Aliens learned about noodles from the Chinese, pizza from the Italians, and fried bologna from Elvis. In turn, they gave us the wheel, fire, the pyramids, touch-screen technology and the Mars candy bar.

But the greatest cultural exchange occurred one mysterious Tuesday night when these alien visitors landed their glowing flying saucer near a human tavern. They secretly observed the Earthlings singing, laughing, putting salt on their wrists, and eating warm, crispy objects that created a strong pleasurable response. Further research was necessary. They abducted, probed, and recorded every detail of these celebrating humans, especially the fiery tactile sensations of something called hot sauce.

The alien scientists were very impressed with Taco Tuesday and soon declared it a planet-wide celebration. Now, every Martian looks eagerly forward to Tuesday night. And since time moves a little faster on Mars than on Earth, Taco Tuesday arrives even sooner! Add our OHM taco-munching alien to your bracelet and you too can say with salty, cheesy, burning happy lips, β€œTake me to your taco!”


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