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Who Are You

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This charming friend is part of OHM's Alice in Wonderland collection: the famous smoking Caterpillar. Alice was hunting through the flowers and foliage of Wonderland looking for something edible, when she came upon a giant mushroom. Standing on tiptoe, she peered over the top of the massive shroom and came face-to-face with a sleepy Caterpillar smoking a hookah pipe.

"Who are you?" asked the Caterpillar. "I hardly know, sir, just at present," replied Alice. "At least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning; but I think I must have been changed several times since then." The Caterpillar puffed away on his hookah for awhile and then said, "So you think you’re changed, do you?" "I’m afraid I am, sir," said Alice. "I can’t remember things as I used to, and I don’t keep the same size for ten minutes."

Perhaps the Caterpillar should have told Alice that such bewilderment, forgetfulness, and frequent changes in size were actually the first signs of aging. They happen to us all the time!

But even though we now forget why we entered a room -- or that our eyeglasses are still perched upon our own foreheads -- we are reminded daily of the Caterpillar’s most important question, "Who are you?" It’s not the gray hairs that matter, nor the changes in size; it’s the YOU inside, that you wake up to every morning, that determines if your life is an adventure of wonders. Wear our OHM WHO ARE YOU proudly. You KNOW who YOU ARE and you’re OHMazing!


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