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Many people received their first full-orb, full-color view of planet Earth via the spacecraft Apollo 8 and the famous photo taken by astronaut William Anders. There she was, our home planet, blue oceans swirled with white clouds floating delicately in the chilly depths of space.

The concept of caring for our precious planet came to public attention in two essential books. "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau, painting a portrait of unspoiled nature as a peaceful refuge to nourish the soul, and George Perkins Marsh's "Man and Nature: The Earth Modified by Human Action," which observed that humanity was exhausting the natural resources of our planet, both published over a hundred years ago!

Today we understand the urgency of protecting and renewing Earth's disappearing resources. We celebrate Earth Day annually on April 22 with events in 193 countries. Many people also plant trees to mark Arbor Day in April. We encourage everyone to recycle waste, conserve water, protect wildlife and their habitats, and reduce, reuse, recycle!

You can also express your love for Mother Nature and our beautiful Mother Earth with this evocative silver GIVE bead on your bracelet or necklace. There is no I in TREE. A leafy shade tree, where perhaps you have rested, listened to the birdsong as the breeze rustles the leaves, reading a favorite book, having a picnic, or sharing a first kiss. A generous heart is full of love for all things that share our planetary home.

Our Mother Earth has nourished us; now it's your turn to GIVE back to her with love and appreciation. After all, our beautiful blue orb spinning in space is all we've got to call home.


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