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Personal Bubble

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Go under headphones to enter a world all your own. The first headphones were developed in the 1880s for telephone operators to keep their hands free. These early models rested on the shoulder, had no padding, and used bare electrical connections, which meant that users could receive a shock while adjusting their headset. In 1958, jazz musician and audiophile John C. Koss produced the first stereo headphones (Koss SP-3), and suddenly, millions of Baby Boomer youth could slap on their "cans" and crank up their jams without driving their parents out of the house. As the high fidelity of turntables and long-playing records made significant advances in the 1970s, headphones too became prized for their quality of sound reproduction.

Of course, headphones today come in a variety of styles and categories. In 2008, Dr. Dre created Beats headphones with deeper bass and hip-hop in mind.

Despite Steve Jobs and the hi-tech development of iPod earbuds, many music lovers, especially the "hipster" generation of retro-cool revival, still prefer that ear-encompassing joy of Old School circum-aural headphones. We dig 'em, too, so we made a pair especially for OHMies!

The OHM headphones bead rests comfortably on your bracelet as if your favorite LP was coursing through your jewelry and vibrating through your body and soul. Perhaps our OHM headphones will also help you tune out life's annoying distractions and zone you serenely into an oasis of peace and music. Pretty nice set of cans, eh?


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