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Flesh Tenderizer (Retired)

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Lucy and Chase were inseparable in their life after death. They had gone mad for each other, and hungrily jump each other's bones every chance they get. She makes him feel alive, and he puts the rot in erotic. Loving each other was truly a no brainer.

Living amongst the ruins of Seattle their Zombie love nest was merely a quick walk to Decappuccino - a local coffee & snacks shop that was a cut above the rest. Chase found a job as a sommelier at a Plasma Bar in Belltown. Though he enjoyed chewing the fat and ribbing his co-workers, he seriously sunk his teeth into his work. Soon, Chase had a leg up on a promotion.

Meanwhile, Lucy went into business starting “I-Scream.” A parlor specializing in splits. She preferred things cold and stiff anyway, and she wanted to lend a helping hand to the revitalization of the neighborhood.

Chase Skinner and Lucy Lifeless settled into a mindfully mindless routine. Every morning was like rising from the dead. Together they savored their multi-brain granola and sipped their frothy decappuccinos.
What changed after the Zombie Apocalypse? Not much. Weekend barbeques, a little hiking, a little fishing, gatherings in the neighborhood to get blasted at block parties and occasionally a nice excuse to eat out.
In honor of Chase Skinner and Lucy Lifeless and our Zohmbies everywhere we offer this Collection. May it be the antidote to whatever is eating you.


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