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Got Your Back

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Whether you call it a knapsack, a rucksack, or a backpack, this simple cloth bag carried on your back with two straps over your shoulders is primo equipment for hikers and schoolkids alike. It wasn’t always that way, especially for students. Your grandparents carried their school books with a single strap or belt around them. Then came the satchel (a miniature briefcase). Everything changed in 1967 when the first lightweight nylon daypack arrived.

College students at the University of Washington began using these daypacks -- a lighter version of the heavy-duty camping backpack -- for carrying their school supplies. The campus sporting goods store began to create packs specifically tailored to student use. The trend spread quickly nationwide, and by the 1980s, student backpacks were necessary school equipment. Today, backpacks are a fashion statement or a fun expression of personal identity. They have also evolved to incorporate laptops, smartphones, and built-in tech.

OHM celebrates the school days and the joys of healthful outdoor activity with our multi-purpose backpack. Our little ohm-pack on your bracelet is designed to evoke the best of school memories but also to trek you to your favorite forest clearing with a picnic lunch and a bottle of cool water. A backpack is symbolic of what you choose to carry through life, for what is essential to your journey, the memories you keep, and the burdens you patiently bear. Who’s GOT YOUR BACK? You do.


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