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Lohmbar & Sacrohm Set

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About 50,000 species of animals on our planet have a vertebral column (also called a backbone or spine). The most prominent of this group are the tetrapods, or four-legged creatures, including mammals and humans.

Each segment of the column is called a vertebra. Humans have thirty-three: seven in the Cervical spine (neck), a dozen in the Thoracic spine (connected to the ribs), five in the Lumbar spine (lower back), five vertebrae fused in the Sacrum (back of the hips), and finally four in the Coccyx (tailbone).

The study of dinosaur bones is an integral part of paleontology, and the word "backbone" is likewise a significant human metaphor for strength and character. We say that somebody is "the backbone of our company" or "they showed a lot of backbone changing careers like that."

To honor all the times that you showed backbone, celebrate our new additions to the RAWR Collection. OHM is proud to offer this vertebrae bead. We at OHM prefer to call them the LOHMBAR & SACROHM. Collect a bunch and make your bracelet backbone!

SACROHM without connecting hook not available separately for use as an "end cap." LOHMBAR includes a connecting hook to allow you to chain vertebrae together (LOHMBAR is available to purchase separately to extend your backbone).

Collect our dinosaurs, too, and remember that we build, one piece at a time, upon the backs of giants!


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