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Killer Whale (Retired)

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Whale is a symbol of all the mothers and maternal instinct, balance, the beginning and the creation of all life.

The "Lord of the Sea" is the killer whale according to Native American and First Nation cultures. Indeed the remarkable intelligence displayed by the largest of the dolphin family surely earns it such a title. Orcas live in large family pods and have proven to be cunning and efficient hunters. It's believed that people lost at sea are reincarnated into orcas. A yearning to reconnect with their family and loved ones beckons them close to inhabited coastlines in an effort to communicate.
The soulful and chilling cry of the orca is perhaps part of why we love them so much. They are gentle and playful. The sight of them breaching the water or surf the wake of a passing boat is inspiring. The orca is also believed to symbolize family, longevity, harmony and travel. Specifically it is believed he will protect those working away from their homes and guide them back to the safety of the family unit
The perfect memento for your bracelet to symbolize a loved one living far away. Our admiration of these revered animals sought us to create the Ohm Beads Killer Whale. Whether you harbor a personal adoration for these amazing creatures, seek protection while away from home or wish to represent the cherished family bond so sacred to the orca, this charm is ideal


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