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Husky (Retired)

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This detailed creation of the beloved Siberian Husky is a perfect bracelet addition for canine lovers everywhere. Regardless of whether you share your life with the noble husky or simply have an appreciation of all dogs, this detailed creation is a perfect representation.

The dog is frequently described as man's best friend and it's importance in our world should never be underestimated. From simple companions to working and rescue dogs, these amazing creatures share our lives on many levels. The Siberian Husky is selective about the company he keeps but gain his trust and his loyalty will never waiver. While undeniably stunning in beauty, the husky is a working dog at heart and his speed, strength and endurance are unrivaled. The howl of a husky is starkly reminiscent of the wolf but this dog cherishes both his human and canine family. A lover of the great outdoors, this dog is intelligent and observant, making it an ideal companion to accompany an active lifestyle.


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